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College Essay Experts


Thesis-Masternow.com is a professional writing service. We’re here to take the pain out of writing a college essay, for students at all levels.

College-level essays are difficult, but count for a large part of your grade. Don’t leave it up to chance—hire a professional.


Our professional writers are here to help you get the grade you deserve and become a better writer yourself. Send us your rough drafts or rewrites, and our team will edit and polish them into ‘A’ essays. You can see you own work and ideas transformed into cohesive, impressive writing samples that will send you to the top of the class.


Alternatively, you can leave all the writing to us. Send us your teacher’s instructions, and our team will do the rest. No matter if you’re busy at work, are feeling overwhelmed with your class load, or just want your life back, we can take the burden of writing off you all together, and produce high quality, original work.


We also go beyond standard essays to help you succeed in your other endeavors as well. Our writers specialize in other services including college admission essays, application essays, writing contest entries, PowerPoint presentations, speeches and special projects.


Why use our service? Because we cater to you. We can write your essays from scratch, improve first drafts, or work with you to make a rejected assignment into an ‘A’ essay. Our writers are native English speakers who have advanced degrees and can tackle topics in every subject. Our team tailors each assignment to your individual needs, and you can ask them questions and give them additional directions throughout the process.


Experience the Thesis-Masternow.com Difference


A simple Google search will produce hundreds of websites, offering cheap deals for college essays. But beware, many of these are unoriginal works, widely available online, or written by people who are not native English speakers. In the end, you get what you pay for: Bargain sites will give you a subpar grade.


But Thesis-Masternow.com is different. We only hire professional, English speaking writers and carefully select them to make sure they are the best in their fields. We never plagiarize, and every work is an original essay produced just for you. Place your order on our order page first and then you can text us at: 561-316-5862 with your order number. Please make sure that you pay for your order so we can start writing right away.

Most of our business is from repeat customers. That’s because we take the time to build relationships with our clients and get to know your needs. We take on as little or as much of your writing burden as you need, and never miss a deadline. So contact us today, and experience the Thesis-Masternow.com difference for yourself.


Writers with Advanced Degrees
That are Key to Your Success

You want your college papers to be A papers.  Only writers who have years of experience writing A papers will finish your assignments. 

If you think about it who is better qualified to get an A on a college essay or paper, someone who has been getting As consistantly for years?  Or, someone who doesn't know the first thing about writing a Literature Review?

Other companies hire writers who don't know the first thing about writing a Masters Thesis or a custom research paper.

This is the single biggest reason for the endless requests for revisions that those companies receive, but eventually they will just stop answering your emails and phone calls.


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We hope that anti-plagiarism software will help keep the term paper business honest and professional.

Our blog contains advice on writing your thesis and how to make getting your degree stress-free.

Term Paper Writing

Use Online Class Experts and Test Taking


You many have some online courses you need to finish up but you don't see how you will find the time.  You are over-booked, but we are not.  You can leave all the work for your online class up to us. From start to finish, all weekly homework assignments and posts, custom term papers, thesis requirements, quizzes and exams. We will take on that work and get you those As.

Term papers are extremely important for an online class, because your teacher ONLY has your writing skills in your essays and online postings by which to judge and grade you. At a traditional university, you might coast by on charm and attendance- but not online! The words in your custom term papers, exams and weekly discussion questions are what count.

If you've been asking yourself, "How can I turn in the best essay in my class," then you can benefit from our services. Thesis-Master only uses writers who have proven both their talent level and direction-following skills. Writers are the foundation of our business and we don't compromise on that resource: we only hire the best ones out of dozens or even hundreds of applicants. That means that your writer has had a real test of his or her grammar, references, thesis and organization, conclusion and in text citations. Plus, your writer is able to work with multiple texts or academic articles, and is communicative and helpful. And on time!