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Write My Essay Process


In advanced academics, the process of writing a research paper or a thesis is one that requires a high level of dedication. It is a time consuming process to formulate an area of study, review current literature, research your specific project, organize your data into a coherent structure, and write a well crafted paper. When you use Masters Thesis Now, an expert is carefully executing all of the steps that make a successful thesis.


Write My Essay: Formulating a Hypothesis

Every paper needs a starting point. Obviously, your major or area of study gives you a pursue, it can be difficult to narrow down the possibilities. The best way to start a thesis is to think about what area of your field interests you the most, and try to pinpoint what you want your research to contribute to the general knowledge of that area. Then, after doing some preliminary research to see what other studies have revealed, you can formulate your hypothesis—what you want your paper to prove.

You will work with our writers, giving them as much or as little latitude as you like as to the direction of your Master’s thesis. You can give them a fully formed hypothesis or simply a general idea of what concentration you would like your custom written thesis to have. Once you have established this starting point, our writers can take over the heavy lifting of the thesis.


Write My Thesis: Literature Review

A writer has to have some knowledge of the current debate before he can formulate a hypothesis, but after one has been crafted a more in depth review of literature must occur. A literature review is extremely helpful, as it allows a researcher to evaluate what other studies have accomplished. He will then understand what holes still remain or the direction new research should take to build from previous findings. As a researcher reviews the literature critically, he may slightly alter his thesis, or gain a better understanding of how his own research should be conducted. It is a crucial step before any original research can begin.


Write My Essay: Formulating and Conducting Research

After reading what others have accomplished, a researcher will be able to devise the best methods to explore his hypothesis. Past literature will help in devising what sort of study or survey may be most effective (or, if the current research is lacking findings from a certain perspective, it can instruct on how not to conduct a similar study with the same blind spot). A researcher also has to decide what kind of research to conduct—qualitative or quantitative, observational or participatory studies, or meta-analysis of unsynthesized knowledge. Once a method has been selected, the actual research can begin, during which data and information is carefully collected. During this phase the researcher has to take care to ensure his objectivity and accuracy at all times, so as not to skew the data.


Write My Thesis: Data analysis

Once research has been completed, a researcher must then go back and comb through his findings in order to determine what they reveal. This can mean crunching numbers through various computer models, or taking personal testimony and discerning patterns and trends. This is a time consuming process, as the researcher must make sure none of the data is corrupted, and use all his expertise to discern real significance from random chance.


Writing the Master’s Thesis

After analyzing his data and coming a conclusion, a researcher must write a summary of his process and findings. A thesis is much more than just a conclusion as to whether or not the hypothesis was supported. It must contain an executive summary, a review of the current literature, a section explaining the methodology of the study, the data collected from the research (and any limitations on the study), and finally the conclusions drawn from that data and areas of recommended future study. All of this must be prepared in a logical sequence, with proper formatting. It goes without saying that the writing has to be clear and engaging, as well as free of grammatical and spelling errors. Write my thesis and write my essay does exactly that. Gives you a finished document that will earn you the highest grade


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