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Gitta graduated with honors from Columbia University, on scholarship. She is a student of Tony Robbins and also works as an investor. You can ask her questions about trading via phone or email.

Lawrence has been writing papers and articles for a very long time. He received a full college scholarship as a result of his essays, and also scored perfect English SAT scores. He has been using his talents to help students around the world successfully navigate through college and into their chosen professions.

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When you've been around as long as we have, some questions you hear quite a lot. To save you the time of having to ask and us the time of having to answer (again!) we've got the most frequently asked questions here to keep you informed. Click on a question for the answer.

Is this practice legal?
How do I know that my paper will be original?
Why do I have to pay in advance?
I've seen sites that charge $5.99 a page. Why should I pay you $20.00 or more per page?
How will I receive my paper?
Why should I use your company?
I’ve never done this before. Is it safe?
Will my teacher find out?
Is this plagiarism?
Do you guarantee that I will get an A?
Can I get my money back? Could I pay half now and half later, when you finish?
I have an exam coming up and I want one of your experts to take it. How much do you charge?
How do I know my paper will be on time.
How do I pay for my paper?
I do not have a credit card. Do you accept checks?
Why do you need my contact information and the names of my course/school?