Terms and Conditions Of Service

All sales and transactions are subject to the following terms and conditions. By making a purchase of Thesis-Masternow's services, you agree to be bound by these terms.

We are an academic service. we do not sell papers. you agree that you will make significant changes to the paper before you turn it in. To turn in any paper without first making signifficant chages to it, is against the law and it may be considered fraud, or plagiarism.

  1. Thesis-masternow.com measures most products in pages. The measurement of a page is on average 250 words. This is an industry wide standard number of words for double spaced written pages in both Education and Literature. This number can not be changed on a per order basis. As such, if your project requires more words per page, we recommend you order more pages, and reformat your paper to a higher word count. If you require assistance with this, please make a note in your order.
  2. Thesis-masternow.com will not resell your paper, nor any of your personal information including name, address, email address, nor payment information. Thesis-masternow.com uses SSL technology and secure well known payment processors (Paypal ) to ensure your payment information is as secure as possible. Thesis-masternow.com does not directly handle your payment information when you use Paypal or Google Checkout.
  3. Do not place any personally identifiable information in your order's description, nor in any attachments. This information is only to be placed in the appropriate fields in the order form. The "Order Description" field is only to be used to describe the order requirements. By personally identifiable information we mean your name, address, phone number, email address, school or professor's name, class name or number, personal homepages, etc. All such information should be deleted or blacked out from your attachments BEFORE you email or fax them. Do not include any personally identifiable information in your order's comment posts. Communication between the customer and writers shall only take place in the order tracking comment form. All order comments are viewable to administrators, and contact information will be removed. We reserve the right to remove such information or cancel related orders.
  4. If you have information that can identify you, but is important to your paper or assignment, please email it to us at Maggie@Thesis-masternow.com. That is the ONLY acceptable way to communicate personally identifiable information.
  5. Any client who intentionally provides such information for the purpose of initiating direct contact with our writing staff is in violation of these terms. Thesis-masternow.com reserves the right to remove such information, warn the customer and/or writer, or cancel the order without refund, to be decided by Thesis-masternow.com's sole discretion. Thesis-masternow.com can not and will not guarantee the quality of any work done outside our order system.


  6. The client is solely responsible for communicating the requirements for their order. thesis-masternow.com cannot be responsible for errors arising from miscommunication or errors on the customer's part.