The Thesis Master Difference

What it means to you.

Some term paper companies make their money by casting the widest net that they can. By spending oodles of advertising dollars to get on google’s top page, they are guaranteed high visibility and interest from students. These companies use big promises to get as many customers in the door as possible. For just $7 to $15 a page, they say, they can get Ph.D. writers to give you great work.

Beware: these companies do very little or no editing of their ‘finished product.’ Despite their promises of lofty credentials, most of their writers are from foreign countries like Pakistan, Romania and the Ukraine, where employees will work for $3 to $5 a page. Since companies like these have a revolving door of ready and eager clients, customer satisfaction is not high on their agenda. They send out your paper, often to a foreign writer with the slimmest comprehension of our language, and give it right back to you ‘as is.’ They promise that you can ask for a revision, but this just means that another foreign ‘writer’ will take a crack at your college level English assignment.

GoodTermPaper likes to get it right the first time. We have instituted a strategy of slow, deliberate growth- we advertise to bring in new customers, but only after we have filled our writing and editing vacancies with quality people. Honest and professional writers are a scarce commodity- when we fill a vacancy, it is after reviewing hundreds of applicants who believe that they can write for a living. We find that out of a batch like that, only a few candidates will be keepers with very strong writing skills, a sense of responsibility and the ability to communicate fully and meet deadlines.

Finding writers and editors that live up to our standards is not easy. We invest time, money and training in our people because we rely on repeat customers to make our living. We enjoy long and profitable relationships with our clients, and that is why we strive to earn their trust. How do we do it? The directions in the chart below outline the exact requirements we have for EVERY assignment that passes through our hands.

The TMNEditor Grading Chart for Writers

Follows Directions

Is the paper about what it should be about? Is every requested instruction included in your writing? You will always receive full directions before you start an assigment.

Thesis, intro, body and conclusion

Does the paper get off to a strong start, then quickly tell the reader its main argument? Does it back up its main ideas with sound reasoning and facts? Is your argument cohesive throughout the paper? Does it make sense from start to finish?

Formatting and Citations

Does the paper conform to the proper APA , MLA or other format? Are the bibliography, in-text citations and/or endnotes/footnotes done correctly?

Grammar and Spelling

Has the paper been spellchecked, and read over to catch the words that the spell-checker doesn’t? Is the paper grammatically correct and written in acceptable College English?

Sentence Construction

This category relates to grammar, but goes beyond it. Are your sentences well written? Besides having a paper that flows from paragraph to paragraph, you should have writing that flows easily from sentence to sentence. Is your paper readable, or jarring? Focused, or all over the place?

PIE method

The PIE method of constructing paragraphs is outlined below.

Why do we use the PIE format? For most papers, it is the best way to ensure that the sentences, paragraphs and guiding ideas flow together smoothly and easily. A teacher who reads and grades a well-written paper is much less inclined to break out the red pen and make little squiggles, circles and comments. If there is nothing wrong with the paper in the first place, the professor will have a hard time getting a foothold to launch a critique that can lower your grade!

Here is an outline of the PIE format:

  • P: Point out a significant idea – The topic sentence of your paragraph should open with a clearly stated idea upon which you can elaborate. This sentence should also transition smoothly from your concluding sentence in the previous paragraph.
  • I: Illustrate with evidence – These body sentences should upon the main idea in your topic sentence. For these, you can use a quote from a source, or you can paraphrase a source. Your evidence can be a piece of conclusive research, or the opinion of someone who who was written persuasively on the topic. Facts that immediately back up your significant idea are also very valuable. Remember to be specific.
  • E: Explain - Explain in your concluding sentence or sentences how the research, facts, quotes and opinions you cited or summarized relate to the topic sentence of your paragraph, and also the ‘big picture’ or thesis statement of your paper. The explaining may take several sentences, because the last sentence of your paragraph should sum up the paragraph as a whole, but also offer a transition into the next paragraph. Besides presenting the facts that make up your case, this is the most important part of writing- linking up your ideas in a coherent manner. Specifically how you do this is up to you, and that is where creativity comes in, but writing that transitions well and flows is a GTP requirement.

Writers Wanted


Do you want to write for us?

We are always on the lookout for mature and responsible writers with strong academic backgrounds and composition skills. We probably don't have to tell you that a writing career can be very rewarding. If you like to write, here is your chance to show the world what you can do!

Let's take a rundown of the most important traits we look for.

Maturity and Reliability.

We need writers who are willing to take on projects and finish them on time. GoodTermPaper is big on clear communication, so we need people who check their email frequently, are available to receive occasional directions over the phone and who can follow those directions precisely. We have found that the best writers for this job are people who work out of their own home offices. Many people have tried "fitting in" term paper writing around full time jobs with regular hours. Usually we find these people to be exhausted from their jobs and not living up to their word to get projects back to us on time. If you write for us, please be prepared to do the entire assignment on time! Firm deadlines are a keystone to quality.

Ability to follow directions.

Not everyone is detail oriented, but our writers need to be. You must be able to handle complex directions from sometimes demanding professors. Precise knowledge of APA and MLA formats as it relates to citations and bibliographies is a must.

Willingness to accept constructive criticism.

If all of your papers are perfect, you don't have to worry about this one! Sometimes, though, an important component to a paper will be left out, or the grammar or formatting will be off. If that's the case, we will tell you, and we'll need you to respond to us and then fix it.


It's great if you can just write papers in your specialty; however, we'll probably at some point ask you to stretch your capabilities a bit. Our clients write to us from all over the world about every conceivable topic. We have personally found that taking on a new and challenging subject brings its own rewards. Rest assured, we will not ask you English majors to do advanced calculus or marine biology! If we have a paper that is unusual or requires some research that pushes the boundaries of one's normal repertoire, though, we need people who won't hesitate to jump in and get their feet wet.

Skillful craftsmanship.

This really goes without saying, but all writers should be highly adept at:

  • Grammar and sentence construction
  • Transition sentences
  • Thesis statements - writing one well and supporting it throughout the paper
  • Logical flow of ideas from paragraph to paragraph
  • Spelling
  • Quoting and citing sources

Academically, we are particularly interested in a number of specialized fields. These include:

  • Law
  • Sociology
  • Advanced Math
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Hard Sciences (biology, genetics, chemistry, etc.)

We are not limiting our search to candidates with just these specialties, but they are a plus.

If this sounds like you, then we'll be excited to hear from you. Email us today!